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Clinical Studies

HerSolution® uses natural-based formulas for beauty, passion and the issues that affect women. But we use science too – in fact, studies on two of our products confirm just how well they work!

Total Curve – Volufiline® Can Increase Breast Tissue By Up to 8.4%!

Volufiline® is a patented peptide and one of the key ingredients in Total Curve’s 2-Step System. It’s also clinically shown to increase breast tissue by up to 8.4%.

For the study’s methodology, researchers recruited a group of 32 women between 18 and 35, were not pregnant or breastfeeding, had a stable weight for 3 months and their hormone status was listed as stable.

Each women applied Volufiline® to one breast, twice a day.

The researchers then looked at the progress of each treated breast on days 28 and 56 of the study. On day 56, they found Volufiline® had increased breast tissue by up to 8.4%.

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Confitrol24 – Urox® is Clinically Shown to Reduce Bathroom Visits

Confitrol24 is made with Urox® – a doctor-developed clinical compound that is shown in clinical studies to help bladder control.

One of those studies was done in 2013 at the University of Queensland. It consisted of volunteers who suffered from urinary incontinence on a regular basis.

Half the volunteers took Urox® for eight week. The other half took a placebo at similar dosage for the same amount of time.

This was a double blind study. That means no one, be it the researchers or the volunteers, knew who was taking Urox® or the placebo.

At the end of the study, the volunteers who took Urox® reported fewer bathroom visits, less urgency, better rest at night and less overall bladder leakage.

HerSolution® products work – and they can have a dramatic impact on your quality of life!

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